Testimony in Support of Maryland Bill to End Auto-Charging Youth as Adults

The Sentencing Project offered expert testimony endorsing Maryland's SB93, a bill to end the automatic charging of Maryland’s youth as if they were adults.

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Maryland is considering SB93, a bill that would end the automatic charging of the state’s youth as if they were adults. On behalf of The Sentencing Project, Director of Youth Justice Josh Rovner submitted expert testimony endorsing this legislation before the Maryland Senate Committee on Judicial Proceedings.

The Sentencing Project supports this bill for three reasons:

  1. Charging youth as if they were adults does not enhance public safety.
  2. Starting all youth cases in juvenile court is more sensible and efficient than current practice.
  3. Maryland’s automatic transfer is unusually harsh and unjust, particularly for Black youth.

Click here to read Director of Youth Justice Josh Rovner’s full testimony in support of Maryland’s SB93.

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  • Joshua Rovner

    Director of Youth Justice

    Joshua Rovner manages a portfolio of juvenile justice issues for The Sentencing Project, including juveniles sentenced to life without parole, the transfer of juveniles into the adult criminal justice system, and racial and ethnic disparities in juvenile justice.

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