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Racial Justice

One in five Black men born in 2001 is likely to experience imprisonment within their lifetime, a decline from one in three for those born in 1981. But pushback from policymakers threatens further advancement.

Get the facts on racial disparities in the criminal legal system in our report, “One in Five: Ending Racial Inequity in Incarceration.”

“What does it say about a society that treats some of its most victimized and vulnerable citizens with so little compassion and mercy? How do we fix such a terrible injustice?”

April Wilkens
April Wilkens
Domestic Violence Advocate and Survivor

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Unlocking the Ballot: Using Data to Expand Voting Rights

2024 is shaping up to be a historic election year with debates over voting rights and criminal legal issues taking center stage. Too often not discussed and misunderstood is how people with justice system involvement are mobilizing to make their voices heard through civic engagement processes.

This webinar discussed how academics and advocates are using data and research to advance voting rights campaigns.

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