Joshua Rovner

Director of Youth Justice

Joshua Rovner manages a portfolio of juvenile justice issues for The Sentencing Project, including juveniles sentenced to life without parole, the transfer of juveniles into the adult criminal justice system, and racial and ethnic disparities in juvenile justice. His work has supported reforms in numerous states through research and testimony.

He is the author of several papers and fact sheets for The Sentencing Project, including How Tough on Crime Became Tough on Kids: Prosecuting Teenage Drug Charges in Adult Courts and Racial Disparities in Youth Commitments and Arrests, and has had opinion pieces published in the Atlantic, the Washington Post, the Houston Chronicle, and the Hartford Courant. An expert in child and adolescent well-being, Rovner has worked on juvenile development issues, such as access to primary and mental health care, tobacco prevention, and comprehensive health education. Rovner previously worked at the School-Based Health Alliance, Metro TeenAIDS, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, and the Council of the District of Columbia. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Rochester and a Master of Public Policy from the George Washington University.