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Morgan McLeod
Communications Manager

Morgan McLeod oversees The Sentencing Project’s communications planning and evaluation, media outreach, report publication, graphic design and data visualization. She manages the website, social media platforms, constituency mailings and newsletters, and the organization's database of advocates, allies, media contacts and donors.

Prior to joining The Sentencing Project, McLeod was the New Media Strategist at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, where she oversaw social media outreach and managed website content and re-development. She also provided communications, research, and programmatic support to the Joint Center's Energy and Environment Program, and managed their Commission to Engage African Americans on Energy, Climate Change and the Environment. Her research and professional interests focus on race, health, social justice, and the built environment. McLeod received her undergraduate degree and a Master of Science in Global Medicine from the University of Southern California.

Written By Morgan McLeod
October 17, 2018

Expanding the Vote: Two Decades of Felony Disenfranchisement Reforms

Since 1997, 23 states have amended felony disenfranchisement policies in an effort to reduce their restrictiveness and expand voter eligibility.