Thank you for 3 impactful years!

After three incredible years with The Sentencing Project, Amy Fettig will be stepping down as Executive Director. Read her letter below.

Dear Supporters,

It is with deep gratitude to supporters like you, my colleagues, and the entire criminal legal reform community that I announce that, after three incredible years with The Sentencing Project, I will be stepping down as Executive Director this month. My friend and colleague Kara Gotsch has been appointed as Interim Executive Director and will be taking the reins during the transition until a permanent executive director is selected.

I joined The Sentencing Project near the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, during a tumultuous time for advancing progress toward public safety, racial justice, and equity in America. I am incredibly proud of everything that we’ve accomplished together during such a difficult and defining period in our nation’s history.

In just three years, The Sentencing Project has had a transformational impact on the movement. Our staff has more than doubled in size; we are putting out more research than ever; and we remain in a very strong financial position. These additional resources are being put to good use to better inform the public and policy debate around minimizing imprisonment, the criminalization of youth and adults, and expanding voting rights to all justice-impacted citizens.

I’m also extremely proud to have been in the position to oversee the creation of three robust state and federal campaigns, which are now well supported by strong coalitions, dynamic narrative communications that are driving real impact, and an expert advocacy network that is operating in over 25 states. We also created the Second Look Network, the first national network of legal advocates working to bring people serving excessive and unfair sentences home.

Now, with Kara at the helm, The Sentencing Project’s success will continue.

She has served in various roles at The Sentencing Project for more than 13 years, and as Deputy Director, earned valuable management and operations experience that makes her a critical asset to the organization. The Board of Directors is confident in Kara’s abilities to lead during this period of transition, and I personally believe she is prepared to guide the organization through the emerging challenges of our moment and remain steadfast in the face of the opposition.

It has been an honor to serve as The Sentencing Project’s Executive Director, and I look forward to seeing the organization continue to grow and evolve to meet the criminal legal reform challenges of today. There is much more to do to end mass incarceration, but The Sentencing Project is well positioned to continue leading the way by promoting racial, ethnic, gender, and economic justice.

Thank you for your continued commitment to The Sentencing Project. I look forward to seeing you out in the field, fighting the good fight.

Amy Fettig

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