Webinar: Challenging Racial Disparities to End Mass Incarceration

The Sentencing Project hosted a webinar highlighting its recent "Color of Justice" report that focused on challenging racial disparities to end mass incarceration.

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Black Americans are incarcerated in state prisons at nearly 5 times the rate of white Americans.

Meaningful reforms to the criminal justice system cannot be accomplished without acknowledgement of its racist underpinnings to address causes and consequences of racial disparities so they can be eliminated. True progress towards a racially just system requires an understanding of the variation in racial and ethnic inequities in imprisonment across states and the policies and day-to-day practices that drive these inequities.


Ashley Nellis – Senior Research Analyst, The Sentencing Project

Former Delegate Lashrecse Aird – Champion of successful Virginia racial justice law

Ramiah Whiteside – Wisconsin’s Ex-Incarcerated People Organizing; survived a 25-year prison sentence.

Moderated by Nicole D. Porter, Senior Advocacy Director at The Sentencing Project

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