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Henderson Hill

Henderson Hill is Senior Counsel at ACLU. He previously worked as a public defender (PDS), director of the NC Death Penalty Resource Center, a partner at the civil rights law firm, Ferguson Stein Chambers (CLT), and as director of the Federal Defenders of Western North Carolina. Most recently, Henderson served as founding director of the 8th Amendment Project. Henderson launched, and continues to serve as co-director of Redress NC, an initiative to unwind extreme sentences through collaboration with community stakeholders. Henderson is a graduate of Lehman College, CUNY, (B.A. Economics), and Harvard Law School, J.D.

Written By Henderson Hill
August 18, 2020

People with felony convictions under supervision are barred from voting. Let them be heard.

Henderson Hill
North Carolina's felony disenfranchisement law mutes the political voices of Black residents, preventing them from meaningfully changing systems that, like the criminal justice system, so often discriminate against them.