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New York Should Restore Voting Rights to Over 36,000 Citizens

New York should follow the lead of Maine, Vermont, Puerto Rico, and Washington DC and extend voting rights to all people affected by the criminal legal system, regardless of their current incarceration status.

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New York denies the right to vote to 36,553 citizens because they are completing felony sentences in prisons and jails across the state. New York prohibits more of its citizens from voting due to a felony conviction than 30 other states. Half of disenfranchised New Yorkers are Black and 24% are Latinx. To ameliorate this racial injustice and protect its democratic values, New York lawmakers should follow the lead of Maine, Vermont, Puerto Rico, and Washington, D.C. and extend voting rights to all citizens.

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  • Kristen M. Budd, Ph.D.

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    Kristen M. Budd, Ph.D., has an academic and research background in the social and legal responses to interpersonal violence with a focus on crimes of a sexual nature. She has conducted research on public perceptions of sex offenses and corresponding laws and criminal justice practice as well as patterns and predictors of sex offense behavior and victimization.

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