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Jail-Based Voting Resources

State voter guides, toolkits to assist advocates and incarcerated voters, sample mailers and handouts, and reports on jail-based voting.

Related to: Voting Rights

Jail-based voting, both the implementation and advocacy work, is local. As such, advocates are often looking for ideas and examples and templates from other communities. This page offers many of the resources that advocates have requested from one another over the last few months.

Sample Voting Guides: How an Individual Can Register and Vote from Jail

Audience: Advocates, Incarcerated Voters

How to Implement Voting at a Jail Site

Audience: Advocates

In-Jail Surveys: Surveying Incarcerated Individuals About their Interest and Challenges with Voting

Audience: Advocates, Jail-based Staff, Election Officials

Templates for Advocating for Better Voting Procedures With Election Staff

Audience: Advocates

Templates for Advocating for Better Voting Procedures With Jail-based Staff

Audience: Advocates

Reports on Jail-Based Voting Programs

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