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Get Involved in Criminal Justice Reform

Take action on one of the issues below, make a donation to The Sentencing Project, or link up with local advocacy efforts near you! Join the fight to reform our criminal justice system.

Make your voice heard

Help end mass incarceration by letting your representatives know that you stand for responsible criminal justice policies. Select an action item below.


Support The Sentencing Project with a tax-deductible contribution and help us work for a fair and effective criminal justice system.


Join local efforts

Connect with The Sentencing Project’s state and local partners to join criminal justice reform efforts in your area.

Current Action Items

Support the EQUAL Act

Urge your senators to support legislation to bring the federal justice system more in line with the vast majority of states that do not punish crack and powder cocaine differently.

Support the COVID-19 Safer Detention Act and the First Step Implementation Act

Two bipartisan bills have the potential to reduce mass incarceration, reunite families, and better guarantee the health and safety of the federally incarcerated population.

Freedom to Vote Act

The Freedom to Vote Act incorporates a provision to restore federal voting rights automatically to returning citizens in every state.

Support Voting Rights for All People

Join The Sentencing Project to end laws that restrict voting due to a criminal conviction.

Ask Congress to support the Second Look Act

New federal legislation would give a "second look" to people serving long sentences who have aged out of crime.