Warren Allen

Campaign Associate

Warren Allen supports state and local advocates operating cohesively to challenge the nation’s life sentencing laws. His priorities include advocating to end life imprisonment for the juvenile justice system, encouraging restorative justice methods, promoting “second look” opportunities and motivating healthy educational practices that oppose systemic institutional programing that’s unproductive.

Prior to joining The Sentencing Project, Allen served over two decades in federal prison where he acquired his high school diploma and received college credits from the Georgetown Scholars Program. He was an influential leader in the YME (Young Men Emerging) mentoring program at the Central Treatment Facility, working to better the lives of troubled youth. During his incarceration, he created a cognitive thinking program called Hard Lessons, which promoted and provided appropriate solutions to problem solving. Allen is also a recipient of Washington, DC’s Incarceration Reduction Amendment Act bill that allowed for his early release from a 35-year to life prison sentence.