Liz Komar

Sentencing Reform Counsel

Liz Komar advocates for an end to extreme sentencing in the state and federal criminal legal systems by supporting the work of the Sentencing Project’s Campaign to End Life Imprisonment, leading federal advocacy efforts, and managing amicus litigation activities. Her priorities include promoting sentencing second chances, ending life without parole sentences, and capping maximum sentences at 20 years.

Prior to joining the Sentencing Project, Komar was the Director of Strategic Initiatives and a member of the leadership team at Fair and Just Prosecution, where she led FJP’s prosecutorial reform policy work across a wide array of areas. Komar also served as an Assistant District Attorney in Kings County (Brooklyn), NY and as an Attorney Advisor in the US Department of Justice Executive Office for Immigration Review. Komar received her undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her juris doctorate from Brooklyn Law School.