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Marcy Mistrett
Director of Youth Justice

Marcy Mistrett is the Director of Youth Justice at The Sentencing Project, working to keep youth out of the adult criminal justice system. Marcy is the former CEO of Campaign for Youth Justice (CFYJ), a national initiative created to end the prosecution, sentencing and incarceration of children in the adult criminal justice system. Under Marcy’s leadership, CFYJ has helped drop the number of youth in the adult system by more than 70%. In addition, two federal laws and more than 100 state laws were passed by 40 states and DC, making it more difficult to treat children as if they were adults. Her work at CFYJ was recognized by The MacArthur Foundation’s Models for Change and the Open Society Institute’s Justice Roundtable. After CFYJ closed it's doors in 2020, Marcy brought the work of the campaign to The Sentencing Project.

Written By Marcy Mistrett
July 20, 2021

Testimony to Maryland Juvenile Justice Reform Council on Trends Charging Children As Adults

The Sentencing Project strongly encourages the Juvenile Justice Reform Council to adopt recommendations [based on research and public safety] that will ensure all children start in juvenile court, and that cases are reviewed on an individual basis by a judge before determining they should be sent to adult court
June 25, 2021

Bringing More Teens Home: Raising the Age Without Expanding Secure Confinement in the Youth Justice System

A decade ago, “raising the age” was considered a high-cost and risky investment. Today, research and outcomes demonstrated that not only did the sky not fall, but proponents underestimated the successes to come.