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Unlocking Justice: Organizing to Address Mass Incarceration

October 21, 2014
This webinar featured on-the-ground strategies to organize support to challenge mass incarceration. Local advocates shared their experiences in moving grassroots supporters towards a shared analysis of the drivers of mass incarceration in their state.

As plans get underway for the 2015 legislative session, advocates are employing a range of tactics including popular education trainings, protests, and statewide criminal justice stakeholder meetings.

During this webinar, we heard about on-the-ground strategies to organize support to challenge mass incarceration.

The webinar slides are available here, and a video recording can be viewed here.


Texas Organizing Strategies
George Dugars and Robin Harrison, Reinvested Communities Leaders
Caitlin Dunklee, Texas Interfaith Center for Public Policy

Wisconsin Organizing Strategies
Charles Hampton, Wisconsin 11×15 Campaign Leader
David Liners, WISDOM

Moderated by Jean Chung, The Sentencing Project

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