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The Sentencing Project Releases its 2019 Annual Report

March 18, 2020
Learn more about how our research and analysis in 2019 played a major role in shaping campaign priorities around criminal justice reform and highlighting the impact of excessive sentencing.

The Sentencing Project’s 2019 Annual Report documents our contributions to a rapidly growing consensus that we must reduce the country’s misguided reliance on mass incarceration.

Among the highlights of our work and impact this past year, The Sentencing Project:

  • ar coverAchieved substantial milestones in our national Campaign to End Life Imprisonment and cap sentences at 20 years.
  • Witnessed the impact of our work in the strong positions that Democratic presidential candidates have taken throughout their campaigns on criminal justice reform.
  • Collaborated on campaigns in Washington, DC to gain City Council support for voting rights of people in prison and for a “second look” policy to provide resentencing consideration for individuals whose crimes were committed under the age of 25.                                                                                                                                                                                                     Click to here read the full report.
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