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The Booming Business Of Private Prisons

April 12, 2017
Lauren-Brooke Eisen of the Brennan Center for Justice and Marc Mauer discuss the rise of private prisons on Innovation Hub.

In the past forty years, our prison population has increased by 500 percent. And a private prison industry has grown along with it. When the war on drugs started swelling our prisons back in the 1980s, a couple of entrepreneurs saw an opportunity. Since then, local and federal governments have incorporated private prisons into their criminal justice systems. States house about 7 percent of their inmates in private facilities. The federal system houses about eighteen percent.

Lauren-Brooke Eisen – senior counsel at NYU Law’s Brennan Center for Justice – and Marc Mauer – Executive Director of The Sentencing Project and author of Race to Incarcerate – say that we should view this trend more skeptically.

Listen to the episode on Innovation Hub.

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