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Join us for an eye opening story from Keeda Haynes in her journey from prison to politics. BENDING THE ARC: MY JOURNEY FROM PRISON TO POLITICS is the description of Keeda Haynes incredible journey, from wrongful prosecution to law school upon release. With a unique background and understanding in incarceration and law in this country, Keeda decided to become a public defender and defend those who the system abuses and criminalizes with prejudice. As a lawyer, public defender, and later Congressional candidate, Keeda drew from her own personal experiences with how our unequal justice system treats the most vulnerable. Through her unique perspective and passionate activism, she now tells her story to help us reshape our communities into what they could be- our future does not have to be defined by our past. And Keeda knows that we’re all ready for the long fight towards justice. This event is free and open to all, accessible through our Facebook and Youtube pages (@busboysandpoets).