Durrel Douglas

Jail-based Voting Initiative Organizer

Durrel Douglas supports The Sentencing Project’s state and local jail-based voting coalitions and initiatives moving the meter on Democracy. Douglas is an experienced community organizer, advocate, and activist in the progressive criminal justice realm after a five year career in corrections rising to the rank of Lieutenant for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. After seeing, first-hand, the inner workings of the Texas prison system, the impact on those incarcerated, and their families, he devoted his life to creating a world where fewer Black people, poor people, or otherwise disenfranchised people have less of a chance to end up involved in the justice system.

Following his career in corrections, Douglas worked as a legislative staffer for Texas State Rep. Alma Allen managing her Corrections Committee portfolio. In 2014 he founded Houston Justice, a grassroots organization aimed at impacting local and statewide reforms in Houston, Texas where he spearheaded #ProjectOrange, the county jail’s initiative to register eligible voters.