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Reviving Parole for Life Sentences

February 09, 2017
This webinar discussed state and federal practices and policies that contribute to the country’s growing lifer population, and highlighted state efforts to increase parole for people serving life sentences.

This webinar highlighted findings from our new report, Delaying a Second Chance: The Declining Prospects for Parole on Life Sentences, and featured advocates in various states fighting to give rehabilitated individuals serving life with parole a meaningful opportunity for release from prison.

The webinar slides are available here, and a video recording can be viewed below and here.


Nazgol Ghandnoosh, The Sentencing Project
Barbara Levine, Citizens Alliance on Prisons and Public Spending (CAPPS)
Heidi Rummel, University of Southern California Post-Conviction Justice Project
Mujahid Farid, Release Aging People in Prison (RAPP)

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