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Webinar: The Case for Abolishing Life Sentences in the United States

February 28, 2019
In this webinar, researchers and advocates discuss The Sentencing Project's new book, The Meaning of Life: The Case for Abolishing Life Sentences, by Marc Mauer and Ashley Nellis.

Most western democracies have few or no people serving life sentences, yet here in the United States, over 200,000 people are serving life in prison. In The Sentencing Project’s new book, The Meaning of Life: The Case for Abolishing Life Sentences, Executive Director Marc Mauer and Senior Research Analyst Ashley Nellis, highlight the expansion of life sentences in America and argue that such extreme punishments are in fact counterproductive for public safety. The book also features profiles of people affected by life sentences, which were written by Kerry Myers, who is a formerly incarcerated “lifer” and Deputy Executive Director of the Louisiana Parole Project.

In this webinar, Mauer and Nellis discuss the book and impact of life sentences in the U.S. They are joined in conversation with Myers and Sam Lewis, Director of Inside Programs at the Anti-Recidivism Coalition in California, whose story was profiled in The Meaning of Life.


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