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July 21, 2009

Harvard Professor Arrested At Home

“Henry Louis Gates Jr., one of the nation's most prominent African American scholars, was arrested last week at his home near Harvard University after trying to force open the locked front door. According to a report by the police department in Cambridge, Mass., Gates accused police officers at the scene of being racist and said repeatedly, "This is what happens to black men in America." The incident was first reported by the Harvard Crimson,” the Washington Post reported.

Ryan King, policy analyst of The Sentencing Project was quoted as saying, "If you look at every stage of the criminal justice system from initial police contact all the way through sentencing and incarceration, you see that African Americans are disproportionately impacted by each stage. What we ultimately see as disparate incarceration rates are contributed to by all of these factors."

Issue Area(s): Racial Disparity
State(s): Massachusetts