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February 11, 2013 (The Sentencing Project)

Testimony of the Sentencing Project for U.S. Senate Hearing on School Safety

The Sentencing Project submitted written testimony today to a U.S. Senate panel considering proposals for reducing gun violence in our communities and schools.  Unfortunately, when crises strike, there is often a temptation to tighten sanctions and add new punishments, but we know that these actions have a disparate effect on at-risk youth—especially youth of color—long after the crisis has passed.  Real, sustainable public safety is most effectively achieved by involving an array of stakeholders, including law enforcement, courts, schools, health and social service providers, and other community organizations to work collaboratively on evidence-based youth safety interventions.

You can read The Sentencing Project's statement by clicking here.

Issue Area(s): Racial Disparity, Collateral Consequences, Juvenile Justice